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Useful Links: Signal transduction
pathways and networks

Information system for G protein-coupled receptors (GPCRs)
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The Ion Channel Network
Systematic information about ion channel molecules
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KEGG Kyoto Encyclopedia of Genes and Genomes
Database on metabolic and regulatory pathways including graphical schemas
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Ligand Gated Ion Channel Database
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Mammalian MAPK signalling pathways
A clickable image map giving access to textual information with references about the molecular components involved
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Protein Function and Metabolic Pathways Database
Graphical display of some exemplary pathways in human, yeast and E. coli; Path Builder for
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A database of phosphorylation sites
This resource provides searchable data which can also be downloaded as html or text file, and a phosphorylation prediction tool
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The Protein Kinase Resource
Using Entrez access to GenBank entries, this site provides information about protein kinase genes and molecules, sequence alignments, 3D structures, kinase-related diseases and a data analysis tool
Protein Kinase Resource
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Functional Genomics of Plant Phosphorylation
A database with information about molecular components involved in phosphorylation/ dephosphorylation events in plant
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Phosphoprotein Database
A database giving annotated 2D electrophoresis images of phosphoproteins
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A Database of Sensory Signal Transduction Proteins
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The Signaling Pathway Database (SPAD) is an integrated database for genetic information and signal transduction systems. The user can browse lists of signaling molecules to get access to clickable maps from where individual databases entries can be retrie
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Signal Transduction Knowledge Environment
General information site about selected pathways are graphically displayed (presently two) and hints on/ links to relevant actual papers and reviews are given
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