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Searching TRANSFAC®

First, choose the table you want to search in (e.g. Factor). Next, select the search field (e.g. Organism Species). Then, type or copy your search term (e.g. "rat") into the respective input field. Finally, use the SUBMIT button. In the above example you will get all those factor entries which belong to rat, or rather which contain "rat" in the species name. For example, searching for "mouse" as organism, will give you not only the murine entries, but also those of Arabidopsis (mouse-ear cress). Thus, in this example it may be better to use "mus" (or "mus musculus") instead as search term.

As seen above, wildcards are added automatically at the beginning and the end of your search term. If you like, you can use additional wildcards anywhere within your search term. "?" stands for exactly one unspecified character, "*" or "." for any sequence of unspecified characters.

When you choose "Factor Name (FA)" as search field, a match to your term will not only be searched in the FA field, but also in the synonyms field (SY).

In some cases, especially when you are not so familiar with the different fields and their content yet, it may be an alternative to search in "All Fields", rather than a specific one. But be aware, that using this option can slow down the search a bit and may generate a lot of "false positive" hits.



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