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S/MARbinder Table

AC  Accession no.

DT  Date (created); author

DT  Date (updated); author, i.e. last update

NA  Factor name

SY  Synonyms

OS  Species

OC  Biological classification (taxonomy) of "species"

HO  Homologs

CL  Classification (class accession no.; name)

SZ  Size (length in amino acids; calculated molecular mass in kDa;    experimental molecular mass (or range) in kDa (experimental method) [Ref])

IP  Isoelectric point (calculated and/or experimentally determinated(experimental method)[Ref])

SQ  Sequence

SC  Sequence comment, i.e. source of the protein sequence

FT  Feature table (1st position; last position; feature)

SF  Structural features

FF  Functional features

IN  Interacting "smarbinder" (accession no.; name)

CP  Cell specificity (positive)

CN  Cell specificity (negative)

BS  Bound S/MAR (SMAR accession no.; name [Ref])

MM  Method   (and if so) dissociation constant

PR  S/MAR probe (when only a subfragment was used in experiment)

SO  Smarbinder source

QA  Quality of interaction

DR  TRANSFAC factor accession no (if also a known transcription factor) External databases (EMBL:(/GenBank) accession no.; EMBL identifier; _g_ene/_r_na  SwissProt: accession no.; identifier PIR: number; code)

RN  Reference no.


RA  Reference authors

RT  Reference title

RL  Reference data



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